02 April 2009

Praise For Maxims

I have to say that graduation is becoming one of my favorite times of year. While I don't always have a ton of kids to give this book to, the ones that get it always appreciate it. Every year I wait, expecting to have someone return the book, or a parent complain about the gift. I've only ever gotten a 'thank you,' or 'This is great; I never knew this stuff about Robert E. Lee.' That last quote is a sad statement in itself, but if his words continue to inspire young men to be their best, it's worth whatever I pay every year.

Thanks for all your hard work. I hope there are others out there that do what I do to help our young men be Godly men. If everyone in any of the Southern organizations would each target a handful of graduating male seniors and give them a copy of this book, what a difference it could make.

P.S. The kids I target are the ones I cross via church and my family's activities with school and such, so they are of various races, and again no one has ever complained. Lee's words transcend race.

(Sometimes I wonder if I'm having an impact. Notes like this make it worthwhile. The note came from a Sunday school teacher.)

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