22 April 2009

Repentant Enemy Honored At VMI

"VMI unveiled this plaque Tuesday to commemorate Captain Henry du Pont of the union army, who helped rebuild the college, after destroying it during the civil war."

Watch video here.


cenantua said...

If I'm the only one who says it here, so be it, but I think you should make more clear in your post DuPont's reluctance to obey orders to fire on the Institute. Of course, you know his interesting pre-war ties to the Institute, including the story of his father's friendship with Supt. Francis H. Smith, do you not? (perhaps it shows this in the link that you mention, but I'll look at that tomorrow). Henry DuPont was a soldier who was following orders, and I would say that his efforts with VMI after the war were reflective, not of a "repentant enemy," but as a gentleman righting what he saw as a wrong that he even protested on the day the Institute was burned. Even beyond DuPont, there were more Union officers and soldiers who felt that Hunter went too far in his actions.

Jubilo said...

Quite the Christian act !
"The war is over; the Rebels are our countrymen again." -Grant.
David Corbett

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I agree David. And General Grant was, in many ways, gracious to his vanquished foe. Even General Lee voiced that on numerous occasions.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...


I agree with everything you say. I'm actually working on a piece about this. I was just providing a link to the story which I find fascinating. My title for the post was just a hook.


cenantua said...


O.k., well, I felt the need to interject on DuPont's behalf because of the way that "hook" was tossed into the "water." I watched the video and that didn't even capture the truth behind his involvement in the affair... but then, it was just a news story.