06 April 2009

Sweet Virginia Breeze - Oh, Yeah


cenantua said...

Noting the USS Virginia (SSN-774) patch (of course, I've got mine!), I just had to add that... "Ginny" ain't the only one... the entire class of submarines is called the VIRGINIA CLASS...

USS Virginia (774)
USS Texas (775)
USS Hawaii (776)
USS North Carolina (777)
USS New Hampshire (778)
USS New Mexico (779)
USS Missouri (780)
USS California (781)
USS Mississippi (782)
USS Minnesota (783)
USS North Dakota (784)
USS John Warner (785)

and more to come through (approximately) SSN-791.

Robert Moore

Pam Walter said...

Great pictures to go with the music. Makes me want to visit VA! www.satisfiedsole.com