11 May 2009

Elites Are Out Of Touch

From history and heritage to just about everything else, elites are out of touch . . .

For liberal elites, belief in gun control and global warming has taken on the character of religious faith. We have sinned (by hoarding guns or driving SUVs); we must atone (by turning in our guns or recycling); we must repent (by supporting gun control or cap and trade schemes). You may notice that the "we" in question is usually the great mass of ordinary American citizens.

The liberal elite is less interested in giving up its luxuries (Al Gore purchases carbon offsets to compensate for his huge mansion and private jet travel) than in changing the lifestyle of the masses, who selfishly insist on living in suburbs and keeping guns for recreation or protection. Ordinary Americans are seen not as responsible fellow citizens building stable communities but as greedy masses, who must be disciplined to live according to the elite's religious dogmas.

Mocking condescension toward anyone who disagrees with their lock-step proclamations is their most common means of "engaging" others. Fortunately, most of us continue to ignore their self-absorbed idiocy.
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Brboyd said...

The more I see the word "Elite" here, the less I like it. They are not "Elite", they are FEW. They are WARPED. I could go on, but Elite certainly isnt the right descriptor.