15 May 2009

New Documentary Coming From Franklin Films

“I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.”~ George Washington Carver

I see that Franklin Springs Family Media, the company that produced Still Standing - The Stonewall Jackson Story, has started working on a new documentary about the life of George Washington Carver.

"Carver's dedication to God and his people led him to patent only three of his 500 agricultural inventions because he wanted his products to benefit all. He left his life savings to Tuskegee Institute." ~ Black History Review

I suppose Chris Matthews would have a blast making fun of Carver's rejection of evolution as a basis for scientific study. I further suppose that since either Darwinists or Creationists are "lying" they should be, according to some, jailed and/or fined. Perhaps we should set up a "Truth Czar" or a "Ministry of Truth" that would rule on these issues and then "THE FEAR" of persecution/prosecution from government agents would make one less likely to express their opinions and beliefs. Do so and you may end up in Room 101.

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John Sims said...

When I was little my family farmed Peanuts. Dad would tell me about a great man. This man desired to find Gods will for the Peanut.

I believe he said that Lee did more for Blacks than any other man.
I may be mistaken...