11 May 2009

Thank You - I'm Truly Humbled

Thanks to all of my readers who recently voted my blog their "Favorite Civil War Blog." It wasn't even close. OVB won an astounding 75% of the votes. The runner up, "All of the Above", received a paltry 25%.

Again, thank you so much for the honor.


Michael Aubrecht said...

Congrats my friend. A well-deserved accolade. I must admit that I was torn between voting for Old Virginia Blog or Old Virginia Blog.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Michale. I'm sure you made the right choice.

Pam Walter said...


It doesn't apply to this post but I just have to ask: What did you think of Nancy Pelosi's speech today?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Pam - I did not hear Speaker Pelosi's speech--and wouldn't have cared to anyway.