20 May 2009

Yankee Secessionists?

When Texas Governor Rick Perry recently hinted at Texas' alleged right to secede, the Civil War blogosphere went ballistic with the obligatory, knee-jerk, shrill accusations of "neo-Confederate." Ah yes, the emotional ones are a delight to watch.

"Quick - hide under the bed, the boogie-man is coming!"

Well, there's another boogie-man lurking out there folks, but this one's in Long Island:

"Secession is certainly in the water," said Lanza (R-Staten Island), who plans to introduce his secession legislation in the Senate before the Albany session concludes at the end of June. "People are waking up and seeing the bill that they have to pay. More and more, they are seeing through the nonsense, that something's not right."

Seems only fitting since Northerners were the first to suggest the way of secession the last time. ;o)

Story here.


Brboyd said...

It's fitting. I see more confederate flags in Ohio than I do here in the Old Dominion. Why wait? I say we go ahead and give New York, Massachusettes and California their papers now.

tsiya said...

I can'r see any sense in forcing people who thoroughly dislike each other to live together. It can't be done without force, and the abandonment of most liberties. I have less in common with the average NYC dweller than I do with a duck. That isn't going to change.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I'd be happy if we could just respect the principle of federalism in the constitution as the 10th amendment REQUIRES.

Anonymous said...

I think it was the New England states that were the first to propose secession in 1803 and again in 1812 as they felt minimalized as the country grew westward and over taxes needed for the war. And now some, like VT, want to do it. A small state can feel unloved in a big country.