25 June 2009

States Rights Discussion

For an interesting discussion on states rights and the WBTS, click here. The 8 minute clip is from the Jefferson Davis ~ An American President documentary and includes commentary from several noted academics.

The clip on the documentary site is also worth watching.


chaps said...

Every year, around Lincoln's birthday, I remind friends that during 1861-65, Georgia was part of a nation whose President was Jefferson Davis. With many States passing 10th Amendment resolutions, Davis is looking better and better. Great clip!!

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Perfectly clear. Very very good!! This is the most concisely accurate description of state sovereignty I've seen.
Thanks for the link Mr. Williams!

~Yours in the Faith and the Cause,
A Pvt. of the 4th Virginia Regiment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Johan, I had a gg-grandfather in the 4th VA, Company I. What's your connection?

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Er, they're the only Confederate infantry unit based in Ohio that I know of...my Co. is A. What is your gg-grandfather's name? Nathaniel Logan? BTW, by birth I should probably be in either the 22nd? or 36th? Va. regiments, which were raised near Charleston. Are you going to the 145th New Market this year? I won't be there, but my company will be. Look them up, The Wythe's Grays, Co. A, 4th Va.

In Christ,

Chaps said...

Johann- I had to shake my head and look at the calendar. The New Market reenactment was 16-17 May. About a month and a half ago by my reckoning.

Anonymous said...

Johann, my ancestor James Hall served in Co. I until Appomattox. I did not go to 145th New Market, but I would have liked it. Been there many times and consider it very special since the VMI boys defeated Sigel's Union troops there. Thanks for your interest.

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

I'm sorry about the New Market thing- what about Cedar Creek?