29 July 2009

Bailing Out Journalism?

These clowns look to their masters to save them. If they would simply quit lying and serving as stenographers for the government, they wouldn't need saving. The reason they've lost audience and relevancy is because most Americans no longer trust them - and with good cause. How utterly degrading - the Press asking the federal government to "save them." The statist media are already lap dogs to government; you reckon they might be somewhat beholden to Big Brother for their salvation if this happens?

Just as I am, without one plea,
but that I shed my ink for thee,
and that thou bidst me lie for thee,
O Big Brother, I come, I come.


Brboyd said...

I wonder if it will be called Pravda? It wont be much longer before we see the hammer and sickle emblem come back.

It is time to read Thomas Paine again.

James F. Epperson said...

(FYI: For some reason the article won't load for me, so I can't read it. I do get the headline, so from that I can infer the drift.)

The notion of a local newspaper is in trouble, and not just in small towns, and not for the reason you are inclined to assume. We lost our 170+ year old paper here in Ann Arbor, and both Detroit papers are in trouble. The biggest single problem is the Internet: many papers have managed the transition to the digital age very poorly, and so are losing money. Often the parent company, HQ'd somewhere else, shuts down the local paper as a pure business move. (That is what happened in Ann Arbor, although some folks I know blame the poor management of the parent company, Newhouse.)

The notion of some kind of gov't bailout for newspapers is a bad idea. We don't have the money, and gov't involvement with the press is simply Not a Good Idea. I agree that having local papers and major metropolitan papers is important in a free society, but there should be no government involvement.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I linked to the same piece on another site. Any way,I don't believe Rather was referring primarily to small town newspapers. I hate to see their demise as well. I think the ones that are able to hang on focus on local news, which is what they should do instead of regurgitating the AP stuff that's 2 days old - and liberally biased.

We agree on the government involvement and I would say the same thing if Republicans were in control. VERY BAD IDEA. The Founders would howl.

chaps said...

Most national papers: NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post etc., already print only the official government line. They might as well get a little money out of it.