29 July 2009

Celebrating A Terrorist?

"John Brown was, in effect, a terrorist. Whether you agree or that what he was doing was right or not. There are people in the Taliban who believe what they're doing is right." ~ Gerry Gaumer, spokesman for the Park Service in Washington, D.C.

John Brown a terrorist? Not according to the Summit County Historical Society of Ohio:

"In honor of the 150th Commemoration of the raid at Harpers Ferry by the famous abolitionist John Brown, Summit County Historical Society will host several Open Houses at the site of John Brown’s former home located at 514 Diagonal Road . . . He was a talented farmer, tanner, surveyor, and shepherd who was liked for his honesty and feared for his strong beliefs." (Emphasis mine).

We so often hear from those who focus on criticizing "celebratory history" in regards to Confederate heroes and so-called "Lost Causers." But the silence and lack of criticism in regards to "Holy Causers" and celebrating the life of a terrorist is deafening. It is also instructive. Will we hear the same mocking, snarky, comments about "hero worship" in regards to John Brown? Don't hold your breath. Righteous indignation from certain quarters of academia is quite selective. Where I come from, we call that hypocrisy.

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Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Disgusting, especially as I live in Portage County, very close if not adjacent to Summit. Nasty. I know some good Confederate friends who almost bought his brother's house.

Anonymous said...

"He was a talented farmer, tanner, surveyor, and shepherd.." (and kill people in his spare time.)

Awww, how sweet. Sounds like an entry in a dating ad. I bet he liked to cuddle and snuggle as well.

Maybe OH will also celebrate their slaveholders like the one Henry Bibb, author of his famous slave narrative and activist, was sold to in Vicksburg, OH in 1837.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...


Right, could be his profile on Facebook.

Brboyd said...

So, what is the difference between Al Qaeda and John Brown? Our leftist media will tell you (and we have heard it here) that John Brown and Nat Turner were striking out the only way they could. Is that not what Al Qaeda is doing?