25 July 2009

George Washington Carver Documentary

Franklin Springs Family Media, the film company that produced Still Standing ~ The Stonewall Jackson Story (based primarily on my book about Stonewall Jackson and his black Sunday School class), is wrapping up production on a new documentary about George Washington Carver. Check out the sneak preview trailer below with commentary by historian and biographer, John Perry:


Jacksonian Lawyer said...

RW -

Thanks for sharing this. It will definitely be something I'll eagerly await.

Nice to see John Perry's involvement as well. I've read John Perry's works before, particularly about Sgt. Alvin York, Mrs. Robert E. Lee and, most recently, with respect to his collaboration with Alabama's own Former Chief Justice of The AL. Supreme Court, Roy Moore (the so-called Ten Commandments Judge), the book review for which I shared over at my blog on Wordpress.

Angela said...

Oh boy! I always liked George Washington Carver, especially since he invented one of my favorite foods - Peanut Butter! :)