14 August 2009

A Great American Tradition - Under Attack

Protesting government, even disrespectfully, is a great American tradition - from the Boston Tea Party, to hanging King George in effigy, to Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech (Listen here), civil disobedience and standing against tyranny has always been an important and healthy aspect of the American political tradition. Until now. Democrats started calling those showing up at town hall meetings to protest the government takeover of health care "Nazis" and other non-thinking, inflammatory names. Socialist Nancy Pelosi was one of the first, followed quickly by Socialist John Dingell. Yes, Queen Pelosi does not like protesters, but she used to love them:

Gee, I wonder what happened? I can only assume these members of Congress are elitists who fear losing their grip on power and want to shove their socialist agenda down our silent throats.

"We are the molten core at the very center of its unbridled, raw, rebellious spirit. We helped build this nation from the bottom up. We face the world on our feet and not on our knees. We were born fighting. And if the cause is right, we will never retreat." ~ Virginia Democrat Senator, James Webb


jacksonianlawyer said...

I saw this earlier. Not surprising - when the protestors comport with the socialists' ideology, all is well and very "American." When the "opposition" are voicing their opinions/disagreements, watch out...they are nazi's, similar to KKK members and "un-American." The hypocrisy is (almost) unbelievable. I do feel however that it will ultimately be "their" undoing, among multitudes of other reasons.

And...ah...the days when Jim Webb made some bit of sense to me. I wish I could somehow bifurcate the man from the politician. Unfortunately, I cannot.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the same page as you, minus the Webb quote.