25 August 2009

A History Lesson For The President

Mr. Obama's bet was that his personal popularity would be enough to push his agenda through. Perhaps that would have been possible before the $787 billion economic stimulus package, the $410 billion omnibus bill that funds the government, the House-approved cap-and-trade bill, and so forth. But these big-ticket spending bills have helped define what the president means by "hope" and "change," and it is through this prism that the American public now views his health-care proposals.

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Pam Walter said...

Amen! I think the anger and frustration evident in so many of the town hall meetings is about much more than health care. www.satisfiedsole.com

Naim Peress said...

I oppose Obama's health care proposals but I am not surprised that he uses his personal charisma to sell his agenda. Most people vote for someone because they like them. With such an electorate, charisma is a politician's very potent weapon.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...


Yes, people are frightened. The bloom is off the rose.


You're right. Personal charm and charisma are assets in any endeavor. Of course, substance must follow or you lose all trust and your "charm" becomes a liability.

Anonymous said...

Obama's policies have caused the 10 year deficit projection to increase from $7 to $9 Trillion. Who wants to bet that it doesn't go even higher? I think we are a bankrupt nation.

Brboyd said...

Anon, we are bankrupt in more ways than one!