12 August 2009

More Evidence Of Child Abuse

My last post on the topic of homeschooling listed the most recent studies available at the time. A new study has just been released.

National Average Percentile Scores
Subtest Homeschool Public School
Reading 89 50
Language 84 50
Math 84 50
Science 86 50
Social Studies 84 50
Corea 88 50
Compositeb 86 50
a. Core is a combination of Reading, Language, and Math.
b. Composite is a combination of all subtests that the student took on the test.

"This particular study is the most comprehensive ever undertaken. It attempts to build upon and improve on the previous research."
Story here


jacksonianlawyer said...

RW -

Not at all surprising, though it is unfortunate that it will get much attention from the state-run media. If anything, I'm certain such results would be spun to reflect that the results as they pertain to public schools are cause for celebration...or, perhaps more realistic, that the study results cannot possibly be attributed to any efforts of the parents. After all, as Chuck Norris pointed out in his recent article over at Townhall, the Messiah's proposed Obamacare makes among one of its goals usurping the role of parents in the family/home.

Great study here though. Thanks for sharing.

jacksonianlawyer said...

And then, there's this - which I discussed on my own blog:


Apparently, "Live Free Or Die" is just some lettering on a license plate.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yeah, I saw that. It's all about control. Leftists - whether they're historians or politicians - are control freaks. They think they're smarter than the rest of us. In reality, they're over-educated jackasses who screw up everything they touch.

Thanks for the input.

jacksonianlawyer said...

Indeed you are correct in your assessment - for the Left, it is all about reducing the citizenry to uninspired wards of the state, all with a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do playbook. Pathetic.

And, anytime RW; my pleasure.