14 August 2009

Scots-Irish Slavery In America

An oft' overlooked aspect of American & British Slavery:

Here. (From the official site of Colonial Williamsburg)

Here. (From ElectricScotland.com)

Here. (The New York Times review of White Cargo The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America.)

"They refrain from drawing links to today, except to remind readers that there are probably tens of millions of Americans who are descended from white slaves without even knowing it."


Jubilo said...

Dear Old dom.,
Anyone with a perfunctory knowledge of colonial America should be aware of the transportation of white slaves whether defeated rebels, political or religious ndesirables,criminals or indentured servants . The subject has been often addressed in books and film. Let's hope the Scots don't asssume the martyr complex of the Irish !
David Corbett

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"Anyone with a perfunctory knowledge of colonial America should be aware . . ."

Therein lies the problem. Most don't. Thus the post.

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

I do intend to look into that. Thanks for the tip Sir!

Brboyd said...

Wow, a broadbrush stroke at the Irish and no one notices? Say something like that about a minority and wait for the deluge of emails.

Jubilo said...

Dear Brboyd,
Not a swipe to single out the Irish but in this case the difference between them and their Celtic cousins is obvious. No group escapes scrutiny in the searach for truth. In this particular exchange the Irish are under it.
David Corbett

Anonymous said...

The truth shall set us free. I'm glad you showed this issue within a broader context than the anti-Confederate "historians".

Anonymous said...

You cannot liken the Scotts to the Irish in the 1600’s. Scotland had long been enveloped into the British Empire and was being used by the English in the plantations of Northern Ireland to oppress the Catholic population. Although they were not instrumental in this they were complicit. This has been echoed by Scotland being a willing member of the United Kingdom where as Ireland fought up to the 1940’s to become a Republic (from a Free State in the 1920’s). And as the British sold more Irish slaves then African slaves during the 1600’s I think you can understand why they might have been upset, as the island is only 300 miles long and a 100 miles wide. I am citizen of the Rep. of Ireland, an officer in the British Army, from a Northern Irish based regiment who happens to have been born in South Africa – I think this qualifies me to talk on this… :)

Anonymous said...


You are most certainly qualified and thank you so much for your input and perspective.

Richard Williams

Angela said...

What a disgraceful shameful attitude you have about the Irish. Men in my family's history fought for and won our independence from England. Perhaps you should examine your inner conscience and discover why you need to look down your nose at others who have won their freedom. Insecurity and Jealousy. I may not appreciate Scottish culture, but I don't sit around insulting Scottish people or their culture. So you don't like our culture, my ancestors won our country back from England, and that's all that matters. You are your fellow chattering obsessive historians of Scottish cowardice can look down your noses at us all you want, as you continue to discuss devolution and request permission from the British Parliament for another little piece of your independence. Find fault with us all you want, in the end all that matters is that we won our independence, because our hearts were stronger, which is probably really what you cannot stand about us Irish. If our expressiveness and emotional nature seems like "martydomn" to you, then you probably do belong as part of the UK and under the British Ruling Class, keeping a stiff upper lip while you negotiate and bargain for the dirt you live on.
Angela Kelly