15 August 2009

Uncut - Ron Maxwell's Comments At Arlington

7 June 2009- Arlington National Cemetery

"Producer/Director Ron Maxwell's stirring words rebuking modern day political correctness and chastizing the 40 "scholars" led by James McPherson and William Ayres who petitioned President O'Bama to discontinue the 100 year old Presidential practice of laying a wreath at the world famous Moses Ezekiel statue in the Confederate Section of Arlington National Cemetery. Ron Maxwell is the Producer/Director of the films Gettysburg and Gods and Generals."

Watch and listen here.

(Great speech, but I would have chosen a different hat.)


chaps said...

Black hat on hot day..... would have been better with a straw hat. Father Anderson's invocation was the fiery speech of the day. Alistair can't even spell "reconstructed."

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Maxwell's 3rd installment...someday. Gods and Generals was very good.