29 September 2009

Dissing Crocker

Some of you may have been following the comments that resulted from a recent post at Civil War Memory. The post was a hit piece on H. W. Crocker's The Politically Incorrect Guide To The Civil War. (By the way, as this post is being written, Crocker's book is ranked #1 in Amazon's History/United States/Civil War/Confederacy category.)

In one of my comments, I promised I would reply to the post and Crocker's "bad history" and my endorsement of his book, along with the rest of the P.I.G. series. And I will. But not until Mr. Levin is able to add the string of comments back as originally posted. The comments are key to my response. He's having some technical difficulty with his blog. But if he can't re-post those comments, I'll post them here.

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