22 September 2009

Flag Controversy In South Carolina

"Councilman Bailey Humphries said, 'Put the flag up -- run out right there at that moment. Put the flag up, apologize publicly that: 'We should have never done that, we regret what we've done, and we are patriots.'"

No, not that flag, this one.


Chaps said...

The woman who was trying to put flags in from of the BOA branch said on Fox News this morning that the bank manager told her that some would be offended if the American flag was displayed. I sent an email to BOA suggesting they change their name to "Bank."

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

You gotta be kidding. Good Lord. How about, uh, Bank of Planet Earf?

jacksonianlawyer said...

Or, better yet, just go back to their original name of Bank of Italy.

BOA long ago lost me as a customer and when their former CEO (Hugh McColl) endorsed The Messiah, it simply reaffirmed my decision to have no dealings with them.

This most recent travesty serves as an even more disturbing (and sickening and infuriating) reminder that BOA has abandoned all sense of decency, honor, community, country and civic duty.

May this fine Marine RIP; Semper Fi brother. You are far better than the likes of BOA could ever hope to aspire to and worthy of far more than BOA could ever hope to give.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...


Fortunately, there are still several good, strong local banks in my area who have deep roots in the community and are responsive to their customers. I do business with a couple of them and am very pleased, overall.

If my bank pulled something like this, they'd have to issue a public apology and put the flags back. Otherwise, I'd remove my $4.87. That would show them!


jacksonianlawyer said...

Indeed RW - that is fantastic. The same holds true for mine as well. Local banks, in my estimation, are far superior in so many aspects. Of course, the same usually holds true for any manner of local businesses and I wish more individuals would endeavor to support the local mom and pops.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Absolutely. I support local, independent shops over the "big box" corporate folks as much as I can.