21 September 2009

An Introduction To American Exceptionalism

This simple, 50 year-old cartoon is extraordinarily prophetic and should serve as a primer for those who've been duped by leftists and elites in academia and government into rejecting American Exceptionalism. Statism vs. individual liberty. My, oh my, how far we've drifted.

More to come on this topic soon.


Billy Yank said...

I can only wonder how a poor black man in, oh say Mississippi, would react to "having" the right to vote...as mentioned at about 1:55 in this video made about 1959.

Had it not been for the government stepping in those kids...of all races...would not be sitting in the same room. But then again, 101 southern congressmen stood up to the Supreme Court and signed the "Southern Manifesto".

I suppose we should have feared that "ISM" too!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Gee Billy, do you live in a time warp? That was addressed in the 1960's. No one is suggesting we, like every other Nation on earth, have a perfect history. But the faddish, trendy, leftist emphasis on our sins as a Nation, while often ignoring our triumphs, or assigning evil motives to them is what's being addressed here. Your obsession with your point is rather strange. That's only part of our history. There's much more.

jacksonianlawyer said...

BY -

You are so utterly predictable. Once again, you fail to address substantively the message, and, instead, attempt to focus attention elsewhere.

As a head's up, the leftist playbook is now widely disseminated and pretty much everyone knows what you leftists will say before it is said. Your absolute dedication to its tactics is remarkable.

Corey Meyer said...

I am fully aware of the anti-communist message of the cartoon and I am fully aware that the issue of black sufferage was addressed in the 1960's. But here is what you miss. You toss out this cartoon as how the "good old" days were and who far we have apperently drifted from those days.

You seem to long for those simpler days...who does not?...but it provides a skewed view of the history of that period.

Why did the government have to address black sufferage in the 1960's? Because in many a southern state the 15th amendment was not inforced.

But I digress. Why does Ameican history have to contain only the good...we do a disservice to history if we only present the traditional story.

BTW...isn't this what all confederate apologists rail against? The writing of history with only the glory and none of the blood and guts...you know...how the Yankee invaders raped, pillaged and burned every inch of the wonderful, black confederates serving in the army, multicultural ANV fough against staggering industrial odds to hold off the end of the war for 4 long years, SOUTH!!!!

Too funny!


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...


Once again, you're off topic. Those on the left seem to always hit the default button and run to race issues. You're a broken record, but I'm sure your rant would earn you an A+ at most universities. You follow the template very well.