08 October 2009

Chaplains Are Concerned For Our Troops

Sergeant Christopher Hughes, 37, from Detroit, has lost six colleagues and survived two roadside bombs. Asked if the mission was worthwhile, he replied: “If I knew exactly what the mission was, probably so, but I don’t.”

The only soldiers who thought it was going well “work in an office, not on the ground”. In his opinion “the whole country is going to s***”.

Pray for them. Read the complete story here.


Chaps said...

I served 24 years as a Navy chaplain, a third of that with Marine units. I am also an enlisted Navy Seabee vet of Vietnam. I am absolutely appalled that these chaplains would make such public comments, especially to a foreign newspaper. What they say may be true, but even if so, these opinions of staff officers should be reserved for conversations with their CO. What we have now is two battalions whose CO and officers have no use for their chaplains; chaplains with zero influence and credibility with those who can effect improvements; and who knows how many other COs who will think twice about placing confidence in their own chaplains. Pray for the troops for sure; I do so daily. But also pray that their chaplains will not obviate their ministry by ill considered comments which may also be violations of UCMJ.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Chaps. Your perspective is certainly a valid one and I appreciate your comments. God bless.

jacksonianlawyer said...

Meanwhile, on a separate but related note, the state run media [e.g., in this case, CBS] reports that the eight US soldiers recently killed in Afghanistan died in vain, defending a base that was going to "close anyway."

I pray daily for our troops, their families and all the countless people, groups/entities which support them and provide them with sustinence - spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Semper Fi brothers and God speed.