06 October 2009

True Confessions Of An Academic

"I have been a faculty member at a major State University for 40 years. Several years after my arrival, I voted for George McGovern. Eight years later, I voted for Ronald Reagan. In those eight years, my family and I experienced several traumas that caused me to reevaluate -- and ultimately, drastically alter -- the political, cultural and economic axioms that had governed my life . . . The overwhelmingly liberal atmosphere on campus is well known. In the one place in society at which there should be diversity of thought, exploration of conflicting ideas and a propensity to challenge conventional wisdom, we have instead a mind-numbing conformity of opinion and a complete unwillingness to entertain any thought or idea that deviates from the accepted truth." (Emphasis mine).

I'm sure the Kool-Aid drinkers and those sucking from the academic teat will deny.

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Anonymous said...

I don't doubt what the author says overall, but what I find interesting is his claim that the "ivory tower" is in full force.

I mean with all the people rising up at the tea parties, the 9/12 protest, listening to Rush, Hannity, Mark Levin, Lew Rockwell, reading your blog and others, that there would be plenty of Kool-Aid being poured down the drain.

Just my humble opinion.

Corey Meyer