02 October 2009

Copenhagen Rejects American Exceptionalism


IOC makes history - and humiliates Obama - as Rio de Janeiro is awarded 2016 Olympics

Some choice quotes from this story:

"The U.S. president was embarrassed on the world stage after the IOC rejected his very personal bid for the 2016 Olympic Games to be held at his home town of Chicago.""Critics had already slammed the U.S. President and his wife, fellow Chicagoan Michelle Obama, and talkshow superstar Oprah Winfrey, for putting their political capital behind an enormous campaign to win the Olympics bid."

"The city of Chicago and the United States of America will make the world proud,' the President said."


Chaps said...

The major reason that Obama gave for picking Chicago was that it would please him. Now we know how well that appeal went over. Perhaps the IOC also heard of the Obama cronies who stood to make a ton of money selling real estate to the Olympic organizers.

jacksonianlawyer said...

Chaps -

I tend to agree.

First and foremost, Obama has spent the better part of his first term traveling the world and criticizing America, apologizing for its past deeds, arrogance and self-centered-ness.

Now, The Messiah wants the world to come to, of all places, Chicago. Why? Because he wants to walk out of his home with his family to the Olympics and because Michelle My-Belle's father has/had MS.

The IOC stood up and said, basically, "...it isn't about YOU Obama..." The faces of the Obama-loving statists in Chicago when the news broke was pricless. The reactions by the state-run media were even better...absolute incredulity..."Chicago's out????...Chicago's OUT?...."

You couldn't even write this kind of stuff.