01 October 2009

Does Creigh Deeds Know Where Jeff Davis Buried The Confederate Gold?

For those who don't know, Virginia is in the midst of a gubernatorial campaign. The Democrat nominee, Creigh Deeds, states in this clip that he has no intention of raising taxes, but that he will "raise money" for transportation. Hmmm . . . does he have some fairy dust he's going to sprinkle? Maybe he knows where Jeff Davis and the boys buried all that Confederate gold when they evacuated the state? He comes off with that "deer in the headlights" look. Embarrassing. No wonder he's getting trounced in the polls. By the way, the "transportation issue" has been politicians' favorite "crisis" since I started voting in 1980. It's recycled every election as an "urgent need" for more revenue. (Yawn.) You would think voters would catch on after a while. Maybe they have. I predict the Republican ticket will sweep the state, "firing a shot" that will be heard on the Potomac. Enjoy the comedy act:

(A Republican sweep in Virginia will be a huge body blow to Governor Tim Kaine, who is also currently serving as the DNC chairman. Such sweet irony.)


Chaps said...

If Obama does not get his health care takeover passed by 3 November, Dem losses in New Jersey and Virginia will cause the Blue Dogs to run away from it as fast as they can.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Unless something very unusual happens, I do believe the Republicans will sweep Virginia in November. Deeds was nominated because he is somewhat a blue dog (pro 2nd amendment). But he really doesn't have a message other than "don't vote for my opponent." Though the race has tightened, latest polling shows McDonnell with anywhere from a 5 - 14 point lead. The numbers down the ticket for the Republicans are even better.