29 October 2009

Follow Up To Previous Post

Here's a good example as to why we should distrust government: Public unveiling of the public option was closed to the public. Hmmm . . . perhaps Queen Pelosi is suppressing dissent and protests so her carefully choreographed dog and pony show can create the illusion of unity and public support. "The audience at the crowded press conference included Hill staffers, union workers, health care providers and students, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who thanked them for attending." What a phony.

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Anonymous said...

A study released today shows last year's Medicare fraud was $47 Billion owing to prescriptions from dead doctors, unneeded devices, and abuse of new citizen's Medicare id numbers. Can you imagine the size of this number if the liberal Democrats pass their "reform"? Higher taxes, rationed care, more corruption, and increased deficit will be the result.

Democrats objection to deregulated private insurance is that we are unable to choose the right policy that fits our needs best, rather the government must do that for us :) Aren't you glad they are looking out for us?