02 October 2009

From The Front Line

As the debate on American Exceptionalism rages on, one of *Kevin Levin's former professors weighs in with a couple of salient points:

"Most American liberal-arts university professors have been, with a lesser degree of consciousness, indoctrinating students with left-wing liberal humanism and anti-American political stances since the 1970s . . . I believe your present debate about American exceptionalism reflects some of this bias. Political refugees from Europe such as myself have little doubt that the United States is exceptional, for all its shortcomings." ~ Stanley Wertheim

Professor Wertheim's last sentence is especially worth contemplating. Most of the homegrown leftist ideology being vomited in academia results from a false worldview. Fundamentally, many leftists are spoiled by American prosperity and liberty and do not place as high a value on what we have here in the United States and the fact we are, in reality, quite exceptional in world history. Professor Wertheim's experience in an oppressive society helped crystalize his view of America, as well as apprecaite her exceptionalism.

You can read more of this exchange here.

*Correction - Kevin Levin has informed me that Mr. Wertheim was not one of his professors. I apologize for the error.

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