30 October 2009

The Heritage Of Blogging

"America’s political bloggers trace their heritage, their place in the body politic, to the Colonial era. Most of today’s political bloggers would have been quite comfortable defying the British Stamp Act of 1765, were they around 244 years ago. The Stamp Act was designed to impose government content control on the then 23 newspapers which served about two million Colonialists. Not one Colonial newspaper bought the properly stamped paper. In fact, the political content of the papers increased, to the alarm of the British authorities. On the eve of the Revolution, there were 31 papers in the Colonies, by the time of the Constitution’s ratification, there were 92, and by 1835, there were 1,200 newspapers serving 15 million Americans."

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(The image depicts British officials fleeing from rioting colonists in opposition to Stamp Act.)

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