29 October 2009

Jeff Davis At Home

(Photo from the Lexington News-Gazette site.)

Friend, fellow Virginian, and internationally renowned sculptor, Gary Casteel, recently escorted the new Jeff Davis statue to Beauvoir. According to the Beauvoir website:

"The statue will eventually be placed in front of the new Jefferson Davis Presidential Library and Museum."

**Update: Regarding the relationship between Jim Limber and the Davis family, and to combat the agenda-driven, half-truths spread elsewhere, I would recommend the piece by John Coski of the Museum of the Confederacy.

"The evidence suggests that he [Limber] was a member of the Davis family in the same way that slaves, servants, and other dependents were members of white families—with real mutual responsibility and affection."~ John Coski

I think John presents a good, objective, overall view of the Limber/Davis story and relationship.

**Update 2: To correct the misinformation and distortions being propagated by another blogger, Coski's piece on Jim Limber is not being "used" for any purpose here, other than to provide balance and tell the complete story about Davis and Limber. The link I provided allows readers to read the whole piece written by Coski. Most readers are informed and intelligent enough to come to their own conclusions about the complicated relationship between Davis and Limber. As I already stated, Coski's piece presents an "
objective, overall view of the Limber/Davis story and relationship" - something which those who are just pushing their agenda are incapable of.

(This blogger can't even get the artist's name correct. So much for his "accuracy" and attention to detail. By the way, how does one "use" someone's writings if they provide a link to the whole article, so others can read it for themselves, and refer to the piece as "objective"? The utterly ridiculous and false assumptions being made by this blogger border on the incoherent. I'd be embarrassed.)

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