26 October 2009

Jefferson-Hemings Controversy Not Settled

Despite what some believe, the Jefferson-Hemings controversy has not been settled--and may never be.

"Contrary to popular belief, Thomas Jefferson did not father the children of his slave, Sally Hemings, according to William G. Hyland Jr., author of 'In Defense of Thomas Jefferson: The Sally Hemings Sex Scandal.' It was his brother, Randolph, "a ne'er-do-well,'' who had a history of consorting with his brother's slaves." ~ From BlackVoices.com

"Although the relationship between Jefferson and Sally Hemings has been for many years, and will surely continue to be, a subject of intense interest to historians and the public, the evidence is not definitive, and the complete story may never be known. The Foundation encourages its visitors and patrons, based on what evidence does exist, to make up their own minds as to the true nature of the relationship."
~ From Monticello.org

I've never explored this controversy to any extent, other than to read a piece a while back (I don't recall where) regarding the DNA evidence and Randolph Jefferson--TJ's younger brother; which the author of this book also addresses.

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