26 October 2009

What Do These Trends Mean - Historically Speaking?

"The Wall Street Journal has surpassed USA Today as the top-selling newspaper in the United States. The Journal's average Monday-Friday circulation edged up 0.6 percent to 2.02 million -- making it the only daily newspaper in the top 25 to see an increase." - Details here.

and . . .

"Fox News has pulled off another dominant quarter, claiming the top 10 cable news programs in 3Q 2009 and growing against 3Q 2008, while CNN and MSNBC lost substantial portions of their election-boom audience. Fox News averaged 2.25 million total viewers in prime time for the third quarter, up 2% over the previous year. That's more than CNN (946,000, down 30%) and MSNBC (788,000, down 10%) combined."- Details here.

and . . .

"Conservatives continue to outnumber moderates and liberals in the American populace in 2009, confirming a finding that Gallup first noted in June. Forty percent of Americans describe their political views as conservative, 36% as moderate, and 20% as liberal. This marks a shift from 2005 through 2008, when moderates were tied with conservatives as the most prevalent group." - Details here.

Anyone care to analyze these trends, given the historical perspectives of the media's relationship with Presidential administrations and Congress? My personal opinion is that the current administration, along with the current Congress, has ignored the lessons of history and overreached. Drunk with power, they have painted themselves in a corner. What do you think?

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