01 October 2009

Who Owns History?

A libertarian perspective from a native Virginian:

"Liberals love and take pride in the 20th century, and tend to despise the 19th century. There is much to love and regret in most eras, but the left takes ownership in what they see as the great advancements in political and national affairs that unfolded since the Progressive Era."

Complete article here.

This should stir the pot.


Bob Pollock said...

Interesting article. Doesn't really say much for the far left or the far right does it? At first glance, there were some things I don't agree with, but some things that I have to think more about. Some of this I think boils down to what I challenge visitors to White Haven to think about: What is freedom? My idea of freedom may be totally different than yours and where we draw the lines on our freedoms amongst ourselves so that we are not infringing on each other's freedom is an ongoing challenge. The example of cigarette smoking is I think instructive. For someone who hates breathing cigarette smoke, a ban on smoking can be an expansion of freedom, but for someone who has been smoking freely all their life to be told they can no longer smoke means a restriction on their freedom. This is why government of some kind is a necessity. Someone has to make these decisions. The beauty of America is that it is not a king or a dictator making these decisions, it is our elected representatives. We vote for the people who make these laws. If we don't like the way they govern, we vote them out the next time.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Bob. Yes, it is an interesting piece.

"At first glance, there were some things I don't agree with, but some things that I have to think more about."

Yes, me too.

On the noxious weed, my opinion is "your liberty stops where mine begins." As a former smoker, I now hate the smell and find it very irritating. "Someone has to make these decisions."

I think the marketplace should decide. If a restaurant allows smoking, I won't go. No need to bring in the smoke police. Good Lord, do we have to involve the government in every aspect of our lives? Are we not capable of making these decisions ourselves without the threat of prosecution in every detail of our lives?

I don't need an elected representative to babysit me.