20 November 2009

14th Annual Civil War Seminar - Liberty University

March 26-28, 2010

Dr. James I. Robertson, Jr.
Key Note Address

Kent Masterson Brown
John Hunt Morgan

Scott Patchan
Phillip Sheridan: The Man Behind the Myth

Dr. Brian Wills
Nathan Bedford Forrest

Eric J. Wittenberg
Custer and the Calvary Actions at Gettysburg

Jeffrey Wert
JEB Stuart

Horace Mewborn
John Mosby

Clark Hall
The Battle of Brandy Station

Dr. Brenda Ayres
Flora: Mrs. J.E.B. Stuart

Steven Alexander
George Custer During the Latter Part of the Civil War

Delanie Stephenson
Libbie Custer: In the
Shadow of Her Husband

Rev. Alan Farley
Period Church Service (Sunday, March 28, 2009)

More details here.


The Warrior said...

Pretty impressive names there, some. I know Mr. Robertson is respected by "our side" and Mr. McPherson is not--what do you think about Wert, Sears, Bearss, etc.?


Anonymous said...

It gives a bad impression when there is a presentation entitled "Custer and Calvary Actions at Gettysburg."

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...


I like the work of all 3. Bearss is in a class all by himself.

I think Professor Robertson is probably one of the most widely respected CW historians.


Wittenberg is an expert in Calvary and the Gettysburg campaign. I'm sure his talk will be worthwhile.

Chaps said...

Calvary is the site of Jesus' crucifixtion. Cavalry is the mounted arm of military forces. Catches my eye, an occupational hazard. :-)

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Chaps. It's not the first time I made that mistake.

Anonymous said...

My comments was along the line of Chaps, rather than any comment on the content/presenter for that particular talk. It's also not your mistake, because it appears as "calvary" on the Liberty University page.

Michael Lynch said...

"I know Mr. Robertson is respected by 'our side' and Mr. McPherson is not--what do you think about Wert, Sears, Bearss, etc.?"

Just out of curiosity, how exactly would you guys define "your side"?


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...


I'm not sure who, exactly, you mean by lumping everyone together as "you guys."

But regarding politicized history and balance, I would refer you to McPherson's public endorsement (as a historian) of Barack Obama for President:

and his signing on to the letter requesting that President Obama not lay a wreath at the Confederate monument at Arlington Cemetery:

It would appear to me that McPherson is the one "choosing sides."

Michael Lynch said...

I just didn't know who he meant by "our side," if the problem had to do with political statements by McPherson, some historical argument he'd made, some combination of the two, something else, etc.

I used the phrase "you guys" simply because he said "our side," which I assumed meant more than one person. I wasn't trying to be provocative.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Ok Michael. Sorry to come off as defensive. Of course, everyone has a perspective. Thanks for your input and question.

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Hey Mr. Williams, my dad and I just finished watching The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh! We got it for Dad's birthday! Thanks for the recommendation, we really really enjoyed it!!!!
Y'all have a good day now!