24 November 2009

The Coming Storm?

"Rather than finding common ground and forging alliances, Baby boomer culture warriors upped the ante. The extreme wings of the Democratic and Republican parties gained control of the dialogue. Neo-conservatism has dominated the thinking in the Republican Party while ultra-liberals have dominated the Democratic Party. The culture has deteriorated, with the media perpetuating a nihilistic, selfish, materialistic attitude among the citizens. TV and movies have portrayed lives of the dregs and lowlifes of society as desirable and normal. The lives of washed up rock stars, drugged out TV personalities, vapid housewives, and brainless house flippers passes for entertainment in today’s society. Getting rich by any means necessary has been glorified . . . The nation and its people are now destined to experience a terrible winter on par with the Civil War and World War II, with no safety net."

This is an extremely interesting--and sobering--article. Of course, I don't necessarily agree with everything the author has written, but I still highly recommend you read it. Don't pre-judge it by the introduction.


J. Stephen Conn said...

Thanks so much for sharing this very thought provoking article. It inspires me to work even harder at getting my own house in order for whatever the future may hold.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

You're welcome Stephen.