06 November 2009

Moved By Texans

By now, most readers have heard about the massacre at Fort Hood, Texas (named after Confederate General John Bell Hood). Our prayers and thoughts go out to all the families of the brave soldiers who have been so cowardly gunned downed.

In 2007, in celebration of Robert E. Lee's 200th birthday, some Texans came all the way to Virginia to lay yellow roses at Lee's crypt at Lee Chapel in Lexington. I was there and snapped this photograph. Lee once saluted some Texas soldiers by raising his hat and shouthing, "Texans always move them!" Texans always held a special place of affection in the heart of General Lee. Today, as the Nation mourns the loss of our brave Texans at Fort Hood, they hold a special place in our hearts as well and we can say, as did Lee, "Texans always move them!" Their bravery in this sad affair has, once again, moved the hearts of Americans. Today, I return these yellow roses in their memory.

God Bless Texas.

(Click image to enlarge.)


Michael Lynch said...

How in the world did you manage to take a photo at the crypt? I wanted to shoot one of Lee's stone and his father's, but the lady inside the museum stopped me. I had to settle for a picture of Traveller's grave.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Michael. Usually in those situations, my philosophy is: "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission." However, in this instance there was an elderly lady in charge and when I asked, she looked around quickly and said, "Go ahead, just hurry up." Of course, it was Lee's 200th and the folks were in somewhat of a festive mood.


Corey Meyer said...

Excuse me, but two of those who were killed were from the Land of Lincoln...not Texas.

Lawrence Underwood said...


That is a poignant photograph. It has such meaning. I can't really express what is coursing through my mind right now Thank you for sharing it with us.

And, thank you for the the moxie to take it in the first place. ;)

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Right now, we're all Texans.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...


The ladies that manage Lee Chapel are a most gracious group. I try to meticulously follow their rules for photographs and I understand why they don't allow photos inside the Chapel and Museum. This was a special occasion though and no profit motive was involved.

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Here here! I echo Mr. Underwood's sentiments. Great post!

Corey Meyer said...

No Richard right now WE are Americans. Please don't label me a Texan...I never want to be from Texas...too hot and way to boastful that they are Texans.

My heart goes out to all the American families affected by this tragedy.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"Boastful?" I prefer Texas.