05 November 2009

Site Recommendation

I have been friends with fellow Virginian John Taylor for some time now and we occasionally enjoy lunch together when he visits my neck of the woods. I'd like to recommend John's website for those who are interested in Virginia politics and government. The site is titled "Tertium Quids." The term is "Latin for third way or third entity." And John's organization "is composed of activists across Virginia whose loyalty and commitment are to the founding principles of our republic, rather than to party politics."

I think that philosophy is becoming increasingly cutting-edge in our Nation, with Virginia leading the way as she did at our Nation's founding. The term and philosophy has a long history in the United States dating back to the early 1800's in Pennsylvania and, more predominantly, in Virginia with John Randolph and Thomas Jefferson.

My hope is that this political philosophy will gain greater prominence with the new administration here in Virginia.

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