05 December 2009

Snow In The Shenandoah

I awoke this morning to a fresh snowfall - the first of the season here in the Shenandoah Valley. I don't believe there is anything quite as breathtaking as a fresh blanket of snow here in the "Daughter of the Stars." My daughter (Mollie) and I decided to leave our home here in the southeast corner of Augusta County and head west to Churchville and Chittum's Christmas Tree Farm. Below is a photo-journal of this afternoon's trip.

"In the lane, the snow is glistening . . ." The view as we leave our home and drive down our lane.

We cross Whiskey Creek as we approach Chittum's Christmas Tree farm in Churchville, Virginia. Simply beautiful.

We arrive at our destination where we've purchased our Christmas trees for years now.

We leave Chittum's and head home; having bagged a prize 8' beauty!

We arrive back at our home in Huckleberry Hollow where our ever faithful silent sentry is still standing guard and gives us an approving nod as we drive by.

(Click on images for larger views.)

By the way, to the southeast of this area is a location that has an interesting story surrounding it. According to the owner, his home was built on acreage where a makeshift Confederate hospital once stood. (I've not verified this, so I don't know the veracity of what I was told.) According to the story, when the contractor who built the house many years ago was digging the basement, he found a very large, old trunk. He instructed his workers to load the trunk onto the back of his pickup. He returned to work the next day and when asked about the contents of the trunk, replied that it was "empty." However, after completing the construction of the house, the contractor abruptly announced his retirement and left the area.

This makes an intriguing story but, again, I don't know if there is any truth to it. I do know that near the location of this alleged Confederate hospital, there is a very old cemetery with headstones dating to the 1700's. Access can only be gained by walking through the woods for about a quarter mile.

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