12 December 2009

Why Breitbart's Big Education Website Is Necessary

Yesterday, I posted a link to a story about new media sensation, Andrew Breitbart's plans to launch a "watchdog site" which will focus on the education industry in the United States. A couple of comments from educators in response to my post were, shall we say, less than enthusiastic. My own opinion is that it is an excellent idea and long overdue. While David Horowitz's organization FIRE focuses on the legal issues surrounding free speech rights and academic liberty in colleges and universities, Breitbart's site will focus on investigative journalism. I'm sure their work will compliment each other. Breitbart intends to investigate, for example, the abuses of tenure and teachers' unions. As the following examples illustrate, Breitbart will be a busy man.

"The radical scholars - now called "critical" scholars - have finally occupied the dean's office permanently over 40 years after their efforts in the late 60s and early 70s. They only hire their own types and woe to the rising scholar seeking tenure who dares teach or publish against the radical orthodoxy. Even students are intimidated by the regime, fearful that disagreeing with their professors prevents future graduate or employment opportunities." ~ Bernie Reeves 
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And . . .

"The public school teacher, abetted by her administration and protected by her activist teachers' union, interfered in my relationship with my child and taught her that it was not only acceptable, but admirable to disrespect parental values. My experience is extreme, but probably not unique. Leftist activists are teaching our children nationwide. They are working overtime right now to build an ever-bigger electorate of pliable, Kumbaya-spouting mush-heads. They think they are smarter than we are. We need to protect the minds of our future generations." ~ Jane Jamison 
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As regular readers of this blog know, my wife (mostly) and I homeschooled 4 of our 6 children for over 12 years. Our oldest 2 children attended private schools. Our grown children are also homeschooling our grandchildren. We became aware of what was going on in many school systems a long time ago and were concerned about moral relativism and atheism being taught to our children; along with the politicization of the classroom. For those reasons, and others, we chose to "secede" from government schools. It was one of the best decisions we ever made for our family. Breitbart's work will likely lead others to make the same move.


Corey said...

I don't know, maybe it is where I teach and where I am from, but I have never run into activist teachers in my 16 years as a teacher.

Maybe what I take to heart is that those who may tell students it is admirable to disrespect parental values are ruining the name of good teachers.

In my Am. Govt. class we discuss political socialization...how one gains their political views and how those views usually come from their parents. I tell them that as the begin to branch out on their own and have their own experiences, those views may change, but I never teach them to go against their parents.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I believe it is my responsibility to shape the views of my children. I want them to embrace the same values I hold and, for the most part, they have. That is only natural and I believe most parents, whatever their values happen to be, want the same thing.

That being said, I never discouraged my children from questioning and challenging my views - respectfully. I wanted them to think for themselves and they do.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.