26 January 2010

CW Chaplains Museum Commendation From MCA

20 January 2010

Kenny Rowlette, Director
The National Civil War Chaplains Museum
2043 The Arthur S. DeMoss Learning Center
Liberty University
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Dear Mister Rowlette:

The officers and members of the Military Chaplains Association wish to extend congratulations on the Grand Opening of your museum. 

We deeply appreciate the efforts of your research center and foundation to preserve and advance understanding of religious belief and ministry during the Civil War. 

We share your commitment to foster education concerning the foundational place of religious faith throughout American history.  With particular attention to the ministry legacy of chaplains during the Civil War, you champion a frequently neglected, distorted, or denied truth. Service in the Armed Forces does not require a divorce from religious heritage or loss of regard for others with religious belief. Indeed, a staggering deposit of evidence shows that religious faith was and is crucial to the well-being, performance, and survival of our Warriors during every chapter of American military history.  Moreover, the spiritual care of those “in harm’s way” endures as an essential priority for political, military, and religious leaders.

Thank you for strong witness to our spiritual heritage with devoted service to God and Country.

May our God - the God of our Forebearers - continue to inspire your endeavors and bless you with the “sure hand of Providence.”

Respectfully and prayerfully yours,
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The Rev. Dr. Gary R. Pollitt, Ph.D.
Captain, Chaplain Corps, U. S. Navy (Ret.)
Executive Director

Celebrating 85 years of service.
Speaking for chaplaincy.  Caring for chaplains.
Extending pastoral ministries beyond the battlefield.

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