30 January 2010

Leaving The Elites Behind

While the old media talking heads continue talking to themselves; still believing they're the center of the universe and while progressive academics continue to condescend to those who disagree with their science, historical perspectives, or outdated educational methods, the rest of us are moving on. It's quite interesting to observe.

It has been an incredible 12 months:

Those married to an elitist, centralized, command and control type of society are quickly becoming discredited, as are their views. An opinion piece today at The American Thinker offers some analysis as to why:

"We do not expect or want elitists and moral supremacists who believe that they know so much more about justice, the market, and how we should live. In his recent book Intellectuals and Society, Thomas Sowell explains how the 'anointed' believe that their advanced education and depth of knowledge in one field automatically makes them an authority on any field in which they wield an opinion." 

"One message from the Massachusetts Senate contest was that we do not trust educated elitists. . . " 


tsiya said...

Many of them can't change a lightbulb on their own, but they believe they are qualified to lead a nation. They are leading us to disaster!

Pam Walter said...

And meanwhile, the rest of us just keep on voting...voting them out! www.satisfiedsole.com

Mike Simons said...

Amen I am in full vote the Rascels out this year mode.