18 February 2010

Dr. Walter Williams On Civil Disobedience

"Unless a census taker can show me a constitutional requirement, the only information I plan to give are the number and names of the people in my household. The census taker might say, "It's the law." Thomas Jefferson said, "Whensoever the General Government (Washington) assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force." 

You can read the rest of his commentary here.


Stephen Clay McGehee said...

That is exactly what I plan to do this time - and exactly what I did last time. When they received my census form with only the Constitutionally-required questions answered, they sent a man out to personally try to get their answers. I politely - but firmly - told him that while it may be his job to get answers on the census form, it was my job to obey The Constitution and not the whim of politicians. He was not happy, and I have always suspected that somehow or other, that form was eventually turned with "answers" on the form.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Same here. I had a very pleasant lady visit our home last time and when she asked me how many bathrooms we had, I replied, "how do you know we have any at all?" She simply smiled and went to the next question. I, too, only gave the names and number living in my home. I think she read me pretty well and didn't push back. Of course, in my neck of the woods, my response was likely very common. Augusta Count has a very high % population of Scots-Irish. ;o)

We occasionally used to get a similar questionnaire from the Virginia education dept (or whatever its called), and I always simply threw it in the trash. They wanted to know how many children we had, their names, ages, health info., etc, etc. We homeschooled so it was really none of their business.

MSimons said...

I am doing the same thing; it is none of the Feds business what I have or don't have. I had my child's Dr ask if we had firearms in our home and I told him that was none of his business. The Goverment had gotten to nosey for its own good.