07 February 2010

Fracking Zinn

"The 'educated class' is just the indoctrinated class today, the mass of PC-whipped, totally predictable minds. If you want to see individualism, if you want to see courage, creativity, and original thought, don't look at the college-educated class. They all march in mental lockstep, even as the WaPo marches to the drum and fife corps of those brainiacs at the NYT."

And . . . 

"A Politically Correct campus is incapable of educating students because it suffocates free thought. The kids know that. They get their real education elsewhere, or they just allow themselves to be brain-stomped. Indoctrination is not education. The only kids to be really educated on the PC campus are the young  conservatives, because all that brainwashing forces them to think for themselves. The others just end up reciting the catechism."

1 comment:

MSimons said...

Boy that writer told the Truth. I went back to college a few years ago and the PC police were out in full force.