05 February 2010

Hunkered Down In The Shenandoah Valley

As many of you are no doubt aware, western Virginia, along with much of the rest of the eastern seaboard, is hunkered down for what some are predicting will be a record-breaking snowstorm. The amounts being predicted run the gamut. Originally, our local weather gurus were predicting 6"-12". Rumors were flying yesterday in the post office, bank, and local restaurants with folks saying we were going to get up to 40". The National Weather Service report I heard broadcast late yesterday called for 12"-18" and now, the latest NWS forecast is saying this storm might produce 20"-30" or more:

In addition to the amount of snow, we are also looking at 20-30 MPH winds later tonight. This should be a doozy. This is our 2nd major snowstorm of the season. I posted some photos here of our previous one which dumped 24" on us just days before Christmas.

As I've told my children, this is the kind of Winters I recall as a child . . . snows beginning in December and the white stuff sticking around for weeks. I can recall sleigh riding on the street in front of our house for days after most snowstorms back then. Anyway, I plan to venture out tomorrow morning some time. Our home lies close to the George Washington National Forest and there's an old Army Corps of Engineers flood control lake behind our home. The weather and landscape should provide some great scenery for some photographs.


Chaps said...

My son said that he hoped he would see some snow when he got here from Okinawa. He arrived last Saturday and he is sure getting his wish. Fairfax County expects 20-30+ inches as well.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, it is quite an event. A little while ago, we heard some commotion outside in front of our house. We live near the end of a long, private gravel lane and could not imagine who might be out there. I went out on the porch and realized two of my neighbors, who live at the other end of the lane near the state road, had walked 2 snow blowers 1500 feet to "plow" us out. I thanked him profusely but didn't have the heart to tell him it would likely be all for naught by morning!