03 February 2010

Natural Law Trumps Theory Every Time

Once again, the American Thinker has posted a must read, wonderfully insightful piece on its website. Here are just a few of the gems taken from the piece:

"Government depends heavily on academic testimony and research for informed decision-making. The contemporary American university, academics' home turf, is the fountainhead of politically correct thought. P.C. has become like a physical constant, as is gravity. It is balanced into every academic discussion."


"Climategate revealed 'researchers discussing how to manipulate historical temperature data.' This is a glaring example of the willingness of academics to falsify data and propagate unproven assumptions."


"University professors, consciously or unconsciously, tend to mold students into their own image. Gospel for the academic progressive is this: 'If it is good to use men as they are,' Rousseau writes, "it is much better to transform them into what one intends them to be." Duke professor Michael Gillespie said of students that after attending 'four years of college, they are 40 percent more liberal than their parents.' Without natural, real-world incentives, universities expose conservative students to grade reduction and the possible denial of credit and credentials."

And this piercingly profound observation:

"The natural tendency of academics in government may be to transfer the modus operandi of their native institution to governance, leading them to insist rather than request, demand rather than serve, and scold rather than listen. Citizens may be seen as undergraduates, who when becoming too noisy and contrary can be threatened with demotions and fines."

Sound familiar? (See here and here.)

You can read the rest of the piece here.

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MSimons said...

Sad those who are suppost to search for truth instead lied to fit agenda they have formed to scare people and get federal money.