15 February 2010

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In regards to someone who has first hand knowledge about Black Confederates:

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A Primary Source . . . "I spoke at length with Mr. Winbush about his ancestor and his memories. Louis Napolean Nelson served as a private in Company M, 7th Tennessee Cavalry of the Confederate Army. Private Nelson was a slave. He began his military service as a cook, a soldier, and ended his service as a chaplain."

And . . . a brief follow up here.

By the way, I believe Mr. Winbush is MORE than "sophisticated enough" to comment on his own heritage and offer a unique and worthy perspective.


Corey said...

Not to sound like I do not believe Mr. Winbush...I have no reason not to. However, I have done a search for his ancestors roster and have not found one to my satisfaction. I did find the following unit history on Google Books...


I did not fing Louis Napolean Nelson listed in that book, but it does contain some interesting information.

Towards the end of the book are the unit rosters and listed with Co. L are a number of "coloreds" with the company. There is a Joe Nelson, but no Louis or Napolean.

I think it would be very interesting to nail down his ancestors documentation.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Corey - I believe Mr. Winbush has the documentation. You could always take the novel approach of contacting him directly, as I did.

Corey said...

That is fine, I was just trying to back up his statements with historical information and if he was such a known figure as to make it into your book...I figured he would be mentioned in the unit history...somewhere. From what I have seen, he is not.