25 March 2010

Battle of Waynesboro Commemoration

The Waynesboro Heritage Foundation will sponsor a commemoration of the Battle of Waynesboro on April 10 & 11. I've written about this battle before. Two of my great-great grandfathers - both who fought in the 51st VA Infantry, were at this battle. One of those men, Morris Coffey, was wounded there; according to my family's oral history. The other grandfather, John McGann, was fighting over land that his own son, Charles (or "Mr. Charlie" as he was better known), would one day come to own. From him it passed to my grandmother, then to my father, then to my brother and me. 

I grew up roaming the woods and streams that make up that area which has come to be known as the "Tree Streets." I was actually born in the old Waynesboro Community Hospital which was located on part of the battlefield. So this area has a very special meaning to me - in a number of ways.

A few years ago, I was asked by the Waynesboro Heritage Foundation to write a booklet about this battle. I did so and they offer it free at their museum. The museum also has on display (on loan from me) an old bank calendar from 1916 which commemorates Confederate history and heritage. My father found the calendar in the attic of his mother's house after she passed away. It was in excellent condition.

Click here for details about the April event.

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