13 March 2010

Big Education Cooks The Books

Hat tip to BigGovernment.com.


Corey said...

Hey, I will be glad to start charging parents by the hour...I am sure my salary would improve greatly...and I am all for that. We'll do things the conservative way...let the market play itself out in the schools.

You think parents complain now...wait until they get my bill for the week or month or school year.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Oh, I have no doubt the marketplace could educate in a much more efficient manner. I trust the marketplace infinitely more than I do bureaucrats. Good Lord, how many examples do you need? Your business model is flawed though. You could not charge by the hour (unless you are in the top 1% of all teachers and catered to the rich offering tutoring services), your competitors would put you out of business.

We educated our children for less than $1000 each per year. All have done extremely well and are much better educated than the vast majority of the public-school educated peers. Not bragging, just stating the facts as I've observed them.