11 March 2010

Regarding My Brief Sabbatical

Thanks again to everyone who missed me while I was gone and who welcomed me back. The reasons for my temporary departure were somewhat varied. I was getting burned out and tired of blogging. I needed to refocus my energies and step back to contemplate where the blog was going and how much it had evolved over the last 5 years. I began blogging in May of 2005 and posted rather sporadically in the early stages. My very first post was about a horseback ride with some of my family through the mountains which surround my home. The original purpose of this blog was to simply serve as a relief valve for my writing passion. In some ways it has done that, in others it has become a distraction. So I'm still not sure what the future may hold for the Old Virginia Blog. But for now, I'm back. 

One change that I've decided to implement - I will no longer participate in debates on certain other blogs, nor allow their comments to be posted here. I've stated my reasons for that in a previous post and quite a few of you have agreed with me, including several academics, with whom I've had quite a few disagreements. I'm just making that clear now, for the record. If you've gone bottom feeding, don't bother to bring your inflammatory comments here. They will be rejected without comment. I will engage anyone in civil debate and I don't have a problem with heated civil debate. Having my views challenged is healthy - I welcome it, even though my responses may be pointed when I disagree. But when the name calling and ad hominem attacks start, that person automatically loses by default anyway; by revealing they're intellectually bankrupt, so there's no point in further discussion. Once it's clear that a person always resorts to this tactic, or allows others to do so, any further dialogue is pointless. If I've learned nothing else in 5 years of blogging, I've learned that.

Other than that, the blog will continue its discussion and posting on history (with a WBTS & Virginia focus), heritage, culture, and faith and, yes, that does involve a political element from time to time due to the very nature of these subjects and the politically charged environment in which we live. Posting may be less frequent at times as I am finishing up a book and working on another. I also have some articles to write and plan to be active with writing opportunities for the duration of the Sesquicentennial.

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