03 March 2010

Site Recommendation

Scott Manning, a gentleman whom I recently met through my blog, hosts an excellent website which focuses on military history: Digital Survivors. According to Scott, DS offers ". . . articles and reviews covering mainly history-related topics. There are also forums where you can discuss just about anything including history, politics, sports, and video games." Scott is currently an undergraduate at American Military University working on a degree in military history.

It's a great site with loads of good articles on WWII, Winston Churchill, as well as book and movie reviews. Scott also does a nice job of balancing his historical writings with his political commentary - something a lot of historians do (*despite the rather strange criticism regarding that practice which comes from certain academics) to one degree or another. Some attempt to hide their views and couch them in loud proclamations of "objectivity" while others, like Mr. Manning and Victor Davis Hanson, are very open about their politics. I prefer the latter.

I suspect we'll see great work coming from Scott in the future.

* Post coming soon on this topic.

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