09 March 2010

We've Witnessed A Paradigm Shift

"For literally decades, ABC, CBS and NBC – along with partners-in-crime the New York Times, Washington Post et al. – have had a stranglehold on what the people know and when they know it. Journalists who cover the national scene created an exclusive club, deciding what would be covered and how. They lunched together and gave each other prestigious awards, basking in the limelight of their own making and smiling down at the little people from their pedestals on high. They’re still doing it, in fact. But a funny thing happened . . ." More here. (It's called a free press, Chuckie.)

And . . .

". . . four times as many people watch Fox News as watch CNN." More here. (Could it be a trust factor?)

A similar phenomenon has occurred, and is occurring, in the field of education and academia. The explosion of alternate methods of receiving an education, e.g., homeschooling, long-distance learning, etc. is transforming the way people acquire and apply knowledge. The good ole' boys (and girls) in the ivory towers are losing their grip, which is at least part of the reason some of these folks (on the fringe) want to make criminals out of those who disagree with them. It is a sign of desperation.


MSimons said...

I agree Richard at our house we watch a varity of News Media plus the local paper and the Internet.

Pam Walter said...

We can only hope that this results in a more well-informed, and not just a more confused, electorate. www.satisfiedsole.com