27 April 2010

We Apologize To All Drunken Sailors

From the Northern Wyoming Daily News 2 April 2010 under "Reader's Views":

To the Editor:

I object and take exception to everyone saying that Obama and Congress are spending money like a Drunken Sailor.

As a former Drunken Sailor, I quit spending when I ran out of money.

Lt Bruce L. Hargraves
USN Retired


cenantua said...

... and it's a sad evening for a sailor when he runs out of money, and can't even get (walk, stagger, or crawl) to the nearest ATM machine. Not that I'm speaking from personal experience, of course... Then again, sailors don't usually drink alone and can usually turn to a buddy or two to spot him... or help him to the nearest ATM.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Point well taken Robert. Though I am now a teetotaler, my buddies were usually more than happy to contribute to my bad habits. ;o)

13thBama said...

A good sailor always hid money in several pockets. That way, he could pull out a five note and tell the Hey Joe, "This is all I have". Many times I was pleased to find out that, no, I was not broke but merely needed to switch pockets.