17 May 2010

Big Education

Parents mortgage their homes and students saddle themselves with massive debts so schools can pay coaches $4 million a year.


Thankfully, there are a growing number of options.


13thBama said...

Alabama is right up there, but the coaches salary comes mostly from boosters I believe. It may be that way for all the schools. I am not sure. I remember seeing a break down of the money and it was'nt taking away from academics. Alabama Football actually BRINGS money to the school.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

13B - I understand also there are market economics involved here too - broadcast rights/payments, licensing merchandising, etc., but the contrast is, in my view, nonetheless striking. College athletics is big business and perhaps some of the "profit" could be better used to reduce tuition costs (even for non-scholarship students) instead of paying coaches such high salaries.

It is all about education, isn't it?

13thBama said...

"It is all about education, isn't it?"

I am sorry to say that I believe the answer to that question in most instances is "No". For some faculty, it is about indoctrinating the next generation to believe in nothing other than the government. For others, it seems to do anything but teach kids how to think for themselves.

While I agree that the money that goes to football could be better spent, I don't think there are too many colleges that could legitimately find a better place to spend it. But that is opinion, and we all know about opinions.

msimons said...

Coachs are getting paid too much from the HS level on up regardless if the money comes from booster or the Taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

IIRC the coaches are essentially private contractors to the colleges, and in effect their compensation is based on their ability to generate revenue. As such, their market based pay can never "be too high." That is a different question from the notion that colleges should be athletic/entertainment factories.

I am the dad of two recent grads from Grove City College, which has a completely different model from top to bottom; bare bones finances, non-tenured faculty, academically and spiritually rigorous. I wish I had known about it when I was going to school, instead of supporting the marxist indoctrination camps our entire government "education"establishment has become.

The vision of Antonio Gramsci has carried the day.